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Six Senses Raw Profile
Senses are often what human beings are – often forgettable. All six senses –sixth sense on five other senses- they connect bodies to souls, bodies to bodies, bodies to world, souls to souls, and souls to world. Exploring human bodies where home to six senses through eyes of Terry Richardson provides us with a unique opportunity to see who we really are, how we connect to each other and world.

Six Senses Raw Profile is an exhibition project shot by world-renowned photographer Terry Richardson and features some of Korea’s top actors, actresses, musicians, and artists.

Terry Richardson

Jisup Soh
Haeshoo Kim
Big Bang
Minsik Choi
Haejung Kang
Koh Soo
Minsun Kim
Jiwoon Kim
Jihoon Kim
Chanwook Park
Seungbum Ryu
Mingi Lee
Jungi Lee
Jinwook Lee
Chunhee Lee
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Exhibition Poster


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